How I ranked in 4 weeks

By Mikey
Apr 25th, 2012

I received this PM on one of the forums I visit (it’s not the Warrior Forum):

Hello *removed*,from one of your recent posts I can see that you reached top #2 for a great keyword within 4 weeks.

I’m really impressed, could you let me know how did you build links in the beginning to your site?

There’s lots of info that seem a bit contradictory about this, I’d really appreciate some tips

Thank’s, Have a nice day.

I thought I’d share my answer here too.

The Niche.

My keyword, and the niche were chosen for me. I used tools to check trending keywords, and then picked one with decent search traffic (22k exact match), that also had some secondary keyword.

I couldn’t get the EMD, but I do have both keywords in the keyterm in a .com domain.

The niche is hair/beauty/celebrity. Not the best for monetization, but I thought I could rank it, get some decent traffic and use it to hide some black hat activity. Obviously, I am monetizing too, with CPA, some beauty stuff from market health etc.

The content, and site

The site uses a custom Thesis set-up, with thesis 1.84. the written content was “curated”, which is just a posh WF Guru way of saying “scraping content, but giving credit to the source”.

So, I scrape news articles about celebrities, and stuff to do with hair styling. Then I add a few sentences in front, and at the end. I LEAVE THE LINKS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLES.

I think Google likes outbound authority links. Lots of people share this idea, I can’t prove it conclusively… but from what I’ve seen I think it’s helping.

The site media rich, with images and video. Each post takes me about 3 minutes to do. Most of that is removing non-relevant content and adding a little bit of humor to the posts.

I have a clear place to report DMCA complaints, because I expect someone will complain I’ve stolen their content at some point. I have a special email account just for DMCA complaints that I check everyday. I’ve had one complaint in 6 months.

The sidebar widget contains a FB like box, with 1200 likes bought from fiverr. The likes were delivered in 2 hours (express gigs), and I also got a custom URL for the FB page. Twitter feeds are also set up, although no tweet have been made so far.

In fact, I’m still not happy with the content or the custom theme but it’s worked for ranking purposes so far.


Once I had 6 posts, 2 pages, and the privacy/dmca/contact stuff set up I started linking.

As standard practice, I import a set of accounts for social backlinker pro, and also bookmarklovers (good if you have social hub builder to build the accounts and link it up for you). This means I have a steady stream of social links from the word “go!”.

I’ve been testing various services, including linkvana, backlinks genie and link aloha. But I have only used BLG for this project so far. A simple “aladdin” project with express settings, split between 2 keywords for the homepage URL got me into the index within a day.

At the same time, I had made 50 guestbook links (this is now on schedule daily on my dedi) split across the pages. Cheap easy links like this are sometime nofollow, and often won’t allow you to choose anchors. This is fine, it’s great! Anchor diversity is very important, the anchor weight will come from more expensive links….

I have a full time blog commenting VA. I don’t know what other people are paying currently, but I get 60 comments per day 5 days per week for $75. That makes each comment cost 25 cents. The approval rate is about 70-80%, and the same ratio is dofollow. My VA uses gravatar.

She promotes lots of my sites at the same time so the hair/celeb blog was getting about 8 manual blog links per day, half of which target the main term and homepage. This has now been happening for about 3 weeks.

I also have some very powerful links, this will sound like a shamelss plug but my homepage has 8 PR4-7 dofollow links going to it built by my very own PR Plunder which I have sold on this forum, and other forums for the past year. I sell it for $27 on , or you can build the links manually if you have a way to scrape the targets (scrapebox or hrefer). I’ve recently discovered that Tumblr’s IP pool is much, much larger than I thought, so the tool is more powerful that anyone (including me) had previously thought.

I have another VA who uses SeNukeX and AMR for me. Now, this may sound like I’ve managed to win the ranking by spending lots of money. However, my SX/AMR VA is s**t at writing content. Well… what I mean is the content is good enough, but they don’t rewrite it, or spin it properly.

It means the same content is getting submitted over and over again, and the links are in very similar places. I had him do this for a week, but I could do just the same amount in a single day, and have even better results because I am not a lazy/bored person who just does the bare minimum because I would rather be doing something else…

For those of you tight for money, you can buy articles from odesk for $1.50 each. Buy 4 of them, spin them altogether, use tokens in SeNuke and in AMR to mix the link locations. You can use both those tools for a trial period. So in total it costs you $6, or nothing if you want to write the content yourself. It cost me $60 to get my VA to do it, because I don’t have enough time to do everything myself.

These links (about 400 of them) were boosted with XRumer and guestbook spam. You can get someone to do this for $5 on fiverr. I only sent about 6k links at the SX properties. Many are still not indexed because the content variation is so poor.


Most of the links have been direct, with little work on the tiers except for automated monthly services like BLG, and XR at my SX links. Guestbook spam dilutes anchors, and increases link/IP diversity. The main links are the blog comments and the high PR ones. I intend to spam those pages too to boost the link value.

Expensive links (VA, SX etc) should be your target anchors, cheap links should be different, almost random achors.

Get enough direct links, AMR and SX are great for this, so are cheap links if you don’t go mad. Blog commenting is free if you do it yourself, make sure you get as many dofollow as you can or you’ll go mad writing the comments.

I’ve mentioned a few tools here and there, PM me if you have any questions about them. I haven’t posted affiliate links, but I do offer bonuses/discount on some of them, just ask me about any of them if you’re interested.

I’ve come a very long in the past two years. But take it from me, I don’t consider myself above average in intelligence, or work ethic, or focus. I had to work hard on improving those things, and then reinvesting almost everything I’ve made into outsourcing, tools etc. Once you start rolling, it starts snowballing and it’s great fun!

I hope that’s answered your question, Mr. PMer!

23 Comments to “How I ranked in 4 weeks”

  1. check it out says:

    Good stuff Michael. You rock man, and Im glad you started a Help Desk for support with PRP – Jesse

    • Mikey says:

      Yeah, only a year late for the helpdesk! It’s so much better, I’m literally saving hours with it every week already.

      You know that saying, sometimes you’re too busy chopping down trees to sharpen your axe ;)

  2. Jerry says:

    Good post. And PR Plunder rocks.

  3. Jesse says:

    Good to hear that ab Tumblr – what do you now think their IP diversity is in the range of?

  4. shahbaz says:

    Hi !
    Do you think its still ok to do unnatural linking?
    I read some stories that some people received notifications from google(through webmaster tool) to remove that links.
    Is it true?
    waiting for your reply.

    • Mikey says:

      LOL. Dont’ worry about Google too much. They say this stuff to scare people because they have no idea how to stop web spam. They may do it eventually, but they’re years and years away.

      I NEVER use google products, not analytics, not webmaster tools… except for whitehat clients of course.

  5. Bob says:

    Thanks for sharing, nice post with lot of details. The final part is missing :). How much does that site earns on top of the costs of web promotion? You don’t have to talk numbers, ratio would be just fine.

    Do you know is there a service available that would do in a single package everything you’ve mentioned . Seems to me even more complicated to handle and coordinate many different providers such as freelancers, fiverrs, etc… I prefer “Here’s my recipe, you do the cake” model more.


    • Mikey says:

      The traffic is not converting yet, except for a few bucks. Testing is all part of the process. And the new site is almost as ugly as this one. I’ve been snowed under, I got a new client for $3k per month, and a ton of other stuff to do… I’m leaving money on the table so I got to get round to it.

      The traffic is great though! I need to make it more engaging to lower bounce rates etc… and fix the theme!

      About getting this done as a package… I doubt it. The people who know how to do this would rather keep the site for themselves. I plan to sell the site for $10k in about 5-6 months.

  6. Annie says:

    Amazing, someone has really told the truth!! For 5 years I’ve been scammed had an ex Methodist Minister ‘run off’ with the money I paid for mentoring. Took down his website and my site with it. To name a few anguishes.
    The only problem I foresee with your method is where to get the money to pay VAs at the start. Cheeky I know, but how did you make enough money to start paying your VAs? What I am anticipating is “Once you start rolling, it starts snowballing and it’s great fun!”

    • Mikey says:

      Hi Annie. The VAs cost about $120 for the work on this site. I don’t have them work on one site at a time, so it may be less than that. The content was free, although I often get stuff written at Odesk where I have 4-5 writers on call.

      I only started doing full time VAs this year… I found it hard to delegate because I like to control everything. Plus, it’s a fair old whack, I spend about $2k per month on services but this project literally can be done for $40, if you have a wordpress theme. I’ve been outsourcing project parts for much much longer though, about 2 years. Especially graphics.

  7. it sounds like a lot of cash you have invested in this project.

    How much has it cost you and how much are you making?


    • Mikey says:

      Hi Gavin, I spent about $120 on this, but like I said in a previous comment it can be done for the price of hosting, domain registration, and the fiverr gig for the facebook likes. I haven’t got a postive ROI yet, I didn’t expect to rank so quickly for this term, I was kind of half assed about the content and conversions because I was testing stuff. I think I only spent 90 minutes on it.

      But, now I have improved my system and got ranking times slashed in half (for harder terms, obviously I’ve been able to rank for amazon/clickbank/adsense terms within 3-5 days for a while now) I’ll be finishing sites before I start promoting. Having an unprepared site doesn’t help visitors, and Google can detect that through bounce rates etc.

      I sound awfully unprofessional, but that’s kind of the point of the post. You just work, get it done, you don’t have to be a genius to get results.

      My SEO game is good, gotta work on the site content site of things. Many of my money sites are thin, and more targeted than this.

  8. Henk says:

    This question may sound silly but i am new …
    - Once you have done all the Content & Linking as described, and it got #2 spot page-1, do you just leave it like that and it keeps its ranking (within reason until someone else starts pushing theirs up)
    - Or do you keep adding linking?

    • Mikey says:

      This depends on so many things.

      If you build lots of links to start with, Google can see your site as a trend, so when the links slows down, your rankings also go down.

      My site has kept it rankings with no additional content for 2 weeks, and very little backlinking in that time. Less than 20 links per day maybe. I would never stop linking, even if you just do it once per month. Although the search and traffic volumes are relatively high, the niche is not nearly as competitive as more commercial niches so this same strategy may not be so effective in the insurance niche for example.

      Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an easy keyword, but there are much harder ones.

  9. Cj says:

    Hey there,

    I got prplunder… Haven’t really messed around it too much… Can you email me a bunch of high pr url’s and do it manually until I get this software up and running?


  10. James says:

    Mike, is THIS post the strategy you mentioned in your most recent email? (with the 2 modifications)?

    Also… if Google is not looking at anchor text to determine WHAT keyword to rank a page for, WHAT metric ARE they using to determine what kw a page should rank for? onpage stuff? well Ive even heard that onpage “overoptimization” is getting a bad wrap

    Would just like to know how to get a particular page ranked for a particular kw if anchortext isnt it anymore

    • Mikey says:

      Yes, this is the post I mentioned in the email.

      They are STILL using anchor text, you need to use your keywords for your links, but not as much. For example, if you’re keyword is “car insurance”, use

      car insurance
      best car insurance
      car insurance is expensive
      car insurence
      click here

      as anchors.

      I also match up social signals, the idea being that if Google sees 100k backlinks coming to the site, then they would expect to see this site mentioned in twitter, facebook etc too.

      However, there isn’t a rule book. Some really spammy sites with 100% anchor weight were not hurt by Penguin. Unfortunately there is no “formula”. It’s more about knowing what ingredients you need, and then experimenting with the values/measurements as you go along.

      Try not to overthink it, because you will end up doing nothing. Just do it as quick as you can (I build hundreds of links per day to new sites), so if it bombs you haven’t lost much time. Keep track of what you do for each site though, but also remember different niches act differently.

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